WorkKeys™ is an Assessment System developed by ACT, which takes the guesswork out of your high-stakes decisions like hiring and promoting. This comprehensive program has tools you need to build your workforce.   click here for ad.
WorkKeys™ is a system that connects “real world” skills, training and testing for employers, making it easier to meet requirements of federal programs and legislation.  These skill measurements are valuable for any occupation – skilled or professional – and at any level of education.
Administered by East Texas Workforce Solutions, with no cost to our Longview area employers, WorkKeys Assessments are highly effective in providing you with the information you need to make the right hiring decisions for open positions.
The abilities to learn, listen, communicate, work in teams, and solve problems are important assets for any worker, regardless of career choice. WorkKeys assessments measure these abilities in four key areas:
  • Communication Skills are assessed with Business Writing, Listening, Reading for Information, and Writing Assessments.
  • Problem Solving Skills are assessed with Applied Technology, Applied Mathematics, Locating Information and Observations Assessments.
  • Interpersonal Skills are assessed with the Teamwork Assessment.
  • Personal Skills are assessed with Performance, Talent and Fit.
Any of the WorkKeys Assessments can be completed in less than an hour and can be taken in Spanish, where needed.
For each position, job profiling identifies the skills and WorkKeys skill levels an individual must have to perform successfully. By comparing job profile information with individuals’ scores on the WorkKeys tests, organizations can make reliable decisions about hiring, training, and program development. Job profiling meets the validity and fairness requirements of EEOC guidelines.  Job Profiling and SkillMap are essential elements to the success of the WorkKeys System.
The scores can be used for selection, promotion, or other individual high-stakes purposes. The scores are designed to be used with a job profiling process for employee selection and promotion decisions. Level Scores consist of a range of four or five broad score bands across the performance range.
ACT’s National Career Readiness Certificate ensures that an individual has certain foundational skills that are important across a range of jobs. The National Career Readiness Certificate offers individuals and employers an easily understood, conveniently attained, and universally valued credential that will contribute to the nation’s workforce and economic development objectives.
Recipients of the NCRC are awarded certificates of Gold, Silver, or Bronze Levels, depending on their skill levels in Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information. With multiple skill levels, individuals can receive training and advance in a selected career path. The certificate is a portable credential, allowing employees to use it anywhere in the nation. The certificate can compliment diplomas, degrees, and resumes, and gives job seekers an advantage in the interview process.
WorkKeys Assessments benefits business by increasing your bottom line through your employees. It reduces turnover, overtime, and waste while increasing morale. It takes the guesswork out of your selection decisions. It establishes legal defensibility in your selections process.
WorkKeys Assessments benefits individuals by building confidence that skills meet the needs of local employers by determining skill improvement and training needs. WorkKeys improves opportunities for career changes and advancement.
WorkKeys Assessments helps the community by encouraging businesses to stay in the community. It increases the tax base through more profitable business partners. It improves quality of life for community residents.